EDitorial ± 14-Jun-2006

World Cup 2006, Day 6

No handmade sarnies today, so over to the workers' restaurant for the first time in a while. Delighted to see most/all of the WC countries' flags hanging overhead in a blaze of colour. Enhanced my jacket with chilli no end.

Towards 2pm, finishing what John Shuttleworth would call my caffy latty, spotted three young fellas lining up some tables to give them an optimum view of the overhead big tellies. Above us, kicking off, was Spain-Ukraine, and those lads were Spaniards in the works (canteen). Two hours later, in spite of Andriy "Chelsea-bound Chap" Shevchenko's presence and four (count 'em) goals down, those Slavs proved the truth of Kramer's Risk-playing remark:

Do you know what the Ukraine is? ... The Ukraine is weak. It's feeble.

Final few mins of a topsy-turvy tussle saw the rich boys of Saudi Arabia come back from 1-0 down to go 2-1 up before a late, late header from Tunisia to pull level. This prompted the ITV commentator, spontaneously I'm sure, to observe that Radhi Jaidi was "the first Bolton player to score in a World Cup finals since Nat Lofthouse in 1954." Fantastic facts, we got 'em.

Big grudge match for Germany against their neighbours over the Oder, Poland. Ballack (guess what, a Chelsea-bound Chap) back for the Bratwursters, Bak at number 6 for the Poles.

Much of second half spent providing more IT support for Mr X, who needed (a) his WiFi sorting and (b) a new email address 'cos he's about to send out CVs to prospective new employers and thus can't really use his current firm's address. One Googlemail invitation later, job done, bish-bosh. Which brings us nicely back to the relentless attacking of the Germans, smacking the bar twice before the dramatic last minute winner. Oh well, keeps the hosts happy. Na razie, Polska.