EDitorial ± 16-Jun-2006

World Cup 2006, Day 8

No hint of the wizardry to come from the Corn Beefeaters when watching the opening two minutes in the coffee lounge. Six-nil! I sound like Gordon Ottershaw after Barnstoneworth's demolition of Denley Moor. Tempted to watch those online video highlights One More Time. Why does Messi have an incredibly dull hairstyle? Do videnja, Serbia & Montenegro.

With more vans than BT and less reliance on Robben, the Cloggers marched on. Thought that van Persie blaster was class, then saw Kone's effort -- much like Owen's famed goal against Argentina, possibly one better. Adieu, Ivory Coast.

Scratching my head trying to work out which team was Portugal in tonight's game -- they're usually in that dark-ish red; maybe their away kit is white? -- before realising they weren't playing. This was 4th in the FIFA rankings Mexico -- ariba! -- failing to beat lowly Angola, placed at 57th, only two slots above Scotland. Couldn't get excited about this one, so on went CSI instead. Ooh, there's Vegas, with the States to face Italy in 24 hours. So long, Uncle Sam?