EDitorial ± 24-Jun-2006

World Cup 2006, Day 16

London, 2012, for a cracking Dr Who, the houses bedecked with Union Flags, then Leipzig calling for an equally cracking Argy-Mexico encounter. Those blue & white stripes were expected (and were perhaps expecting) to tango it; south of the border had other ideas, Marquez losing his markers to put them ahead. Delight all round, though Chris Rea, the gringo coach, took it in his stride. Didn't last long, Crespo doing what Crespo does, whether or not he touched it.

Fabulous Cole-like winner from one Maxi Rodriguez, who really should hook up with Ecuador's Austin Delgado. On came the mesmeric Messi to weave his wicked way and swerve past several stationary central Americans, then pop the ball in the net (though it didn't count). Hasta luego, Mexico.

Earlier, had tuned in to find Sweden needin' two goals just to pull level, the Germans clearly dominant. Watched with hope as Larsson fell over, got the penalty, then Waddled it over the bar. Expect a call from Pizza Hut soon. The hosts could and should have scored a Benzful as the minutes ticked away. Ballack and his Polish mates march on.