EDitorial ± 2-Nov-2006

TT0607, Week 8

Maybe it was the parent's evening that ran late. Could have been rushing home to get the kids fed. Perhaps even listening to Grandaddy in the car on the way there that got me way too mellow: guess who lost the go in the go-for-it?

Whatever it was, went straight into my first match against someone I've ALWAYS beaten and lost in straight ends. Still felt I'd win when two games down, matchpoint to him. Didn't.

Made up only slightly by following game: lost first two points, then won the next 11 in a row to win that end. Hard to believe but that man Cassy got a maximum while I scraped one lousy point: the boy did good, esp. in a great game against their Ken.

And why is it that Tesco don't sell fireworks after 8pm? We should be told.