EDitorial ± 6-Nov-2006

TT0607, Week 9

Here we go again. Less than ideal prep for tonight's ping-pong, trying to explain the puzzle of percentages to an overwrought Middler, unfresh from a late night playing with fireworks.

Lousy game tonight: didn't win any points, didn't win any ends, and outscored by Newbie Kev. No edge, no motivation, no nothing much at all.

We briefly threatened to avoid the whitewash come the doubles, and I should mention Kev's final shot. Was their matchpoint, 10-9 up, so we just needed a single point to take it to a deuce. Into a rally, and their guy knocked it wide. Now, I've been attempting to coach Kev into being a little more cautious; just get the thing back and let them make the mistakes. So what does he do? Goes for a wild winner and smashes the ball into the net. Summed up our night.