EDitorial ± 21-Jan-2007

Bicycle Thieves

Rather than a will-always-let-you-down electronic organiser, I keep a pile of 3x5 index cards on which I scribble Things I Must Do, where the uppermost card lists items for that week. I do something, I cross it out, all's right with the world. I don't do it -- which *can* happen -- I carry it forward. Mostly. Top entry, since a town centre incident before Christmas involving a beautician's appointment and a locked cycle, has been these two words:

insure bikes

Now picture me and the kids coming out of the Surbiton Road Co-op around 5:45pm yesterday, Sunday, and Eldest points out: Dad, your bike's not there. I try to be green, then a yellow meany recycles my cycle, meddles with my pedals, lifts my lights and generally steals my wheels. Them's the brakes.

At least the kids' bikes were still present and correct. And no, it wasn't locked: I know, I know. Officially, according to Suffolk Police, I am now a victim of crime.