EDitorial ± 22-Mar-2007

TT0607, Week 24

Take a seat: if not for super Kev, we'd have lost tonight's game. As it was, this was our fifth 5-5 honours even. Truly, we are the (insert name of popular football team known for always drawing their games) of division two.

As promised, I turned up only an hour late (impromptu job interview, of which more some other time, then Middler dancing) and was promptly asked by Kev what I thought the score might be -- something to nil, I said? No, 3-3, he replied, causing me to go check the scorecard. A welcome return to form for Arvind The Viper, bagging a brace, and a much-delayed second point for Kev after a six month drought.

Played my three like Mary's marigolds, all in a row, getting two out of three and going down to the mighty consistent ex-Hospitals' JG. Coulda shoulda done 'em on the doubles too, two games up, then blew it bigtime. Still, the vanilla milkshakes at The Tiles were top notch, IMHO.