EDitorial ± 2-Apr-2007

TT0607, Week 13

If it's Monday, this must be Felixstowe. A rare trip down the old Langer Road for a real 20 pointer against Kingsfleet, the team immediately above us (yeah, I know that all other teams in div two are above us) in the table. I had an odd set of games:

  • game 1 -- went 6-1 down in my first end before winning the next 10 points in a row, then didn't look back
  • game 2 -- couldn't do a thing right against Nice One Cyril, including bouncing the ball before serving, an ingrained habit of mine. Two-one down, then somehow won the fourth end 15-13 to go into an even more excruciating fifth end. He landed various edges and had maybe five matchpoints, yet somehow I sneaked through 14-12. Dreadful game.
  • game 3 -- their best player, and another five ender; he deservedly won

Business as usual elsewhere: customary couple for Andy, solitary single for Arv, generously throwing his last match so I could play the doubles. Net result, a 6-4 win, most likely keeping us down where we belong.

Deep and meaningful discussions ensued post-match in the Bodrum Grill over various forms of grilled meat.