EDitorial ± 29-Apr-2007

Wouldn't Have Happened With Instant

Finally ushered The Boy upstairs, though it was my fault for wanting to show him bits of Run Silent, Run Deep just before bedtime. We'd walked through HMS Ocelot, the Chatham docks submarine, on the Bank Holiday Monday, and I thought he'd appreciate seeing the reality of life on board. Well, as viewed in a Hollywood film starring Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster. Dive, dive!

Girls (x2) were also spoken for, most of the way through milk and a biccy, so cue the best time of the evening: sitting down for an hour's Sunday night telly. Double anticipated bonus of:

  1. Easter choc chicks "found" in an undisclosed location,
  2. and that nice Stephen Fry in Kingdom -- shot in Swaffham

Live ITV nicely paused -- love that Humax -- time to load dodgy dishwasher and make some coffee. Need ... strong ... coffee. Two mugs plus cafetiere, and in we go to back room, glancing at the frozen Talk Talk ad. Floor littered with The Boy's Lego creations. Putting down tray, decide to clear some space, sweeping hand towards the multicolour brick house ... and collide with top of cafetiere, causing contents to inundate a large patch of carpet. Nooooooo!

G. not impressed with my simulation of the Norfolk coastline in fifty years.