EDitorial ± 13-Jul-2007

2007 Tour: Tea Hut, Woodbridge

Fresh off the blocks, this one, and well off Mrs Beeton's track. Only been open a couple of months when we visited, and they were still building the loo. Yes, it's the Tea Hut, to be found ... well, actually I don't know its official address. Nearest point of reference is the model yacht pond close to the level crossing by The Avenue, in the vicinity of Kingston Field, by the tennis courts. Oh, you know. Check the map for a better idea.

Was a little bit concerned that we'd be the only ones there of a Friday lunchtime, and initially that was pretty much the case. Didn't stop the lady insisting on handing us a "number 4" marker to place on our table to stop our orders being mixed up. Sat on the decking round the back, though there's other seating down the side, out the front and, of course, indoors. Our position gave us an excellent vantage point to observe a reconstruction of the sinking of the Graf Spee on the boating pond. Well, some bloke with his radio controlled yacht.

Limited-ish menu of paninis, sarnies and jackets, so didn't know what to expect. Slight clue when the cutlery came to us wrapped in a EuroPochette. Then my chorizo and rocket panini emerged, lovingly presented on a square white plate with kettle chips and salad with dressing. Meatily tastily satisfying it was too.

Bit breezy out. Inside for dessert, admiring the lovely old clock above the door and puzzling over the Alice In Wonderland wall paintings. Cafe was a lot busier by this time, customers attracting other customers. I gather there's free WiFi too, if that's your bag. Thumbs aloft for having some free newspapers to read, and raised even higher for their Victoria sponge and Americano. Well done, Tea Hut, and may your business stay afloat.

If it was a car -- Nissan Figaro.
If they were passing by -- Ellen MacArthur.

Update: 08-May-2009

Wow. Best part of two years since we last hit The Hut. Counter position has shifted 90 degrees but the papers, WiFi and EuroPochettes remain, fer-yew. As, thankfully, does the good quality grub in the guise of a granary BLT, still en-crisped and be-salad-ed (ooh, that word doesn't work), plus can of Abbotts ginger beer. I think they've done very well to survive, given their none too central and un-obvious location. Though I gather you can't move of a sunny weekend what with ice creams flying out of the serving hatch. As old Mr Grace used to say, you've all done very well.