EDitorial ± 7-Sep-2007

Felixstowe Light Lunches: Bonnet Coffee & Tea House

Done Woodbridge (17 eateries). Next up: Felixstowe (30+ eateries). Should keep us out of trouble for a few forthcoming Fridays.

First out of the heaving hat is Bonnet, pronounced, I believe, Bon-A. This esteemed establishment has been on Hamilton Road (see map) since, well, forever. Fact fans might like to know that in the late 1930s, Louis Bonnet planned to move a few doors down and open a pavement cafe on the corner of Bent Hill, then WWII intervened: site remained derelict, then the Post Office stepped in.

Forward to the 1970s to find me salivating over the jars of sweet pebbles in the window, then spending ages in the toy shop nearly next door choosing a Pink Panther car. Happy times.

Some 35 years later and there's still some lovely looking handmade chocs downstairs. We're up the stairs -- cafe/restaurant part is named Cornelian, not sure why -- among the Sally Cameron mixed media modern artworks: corner table, just about a sea view, Volets Bleus on the wall. Befitting the sunny day, service is what you might loosely term "leisurely". Pear juice by James White is good, iced coffee is so-so, G's pot of Assam is lukewarm.

Bags of choice on the menu inc. some pricy specials if you're monied and in the mood. Homemade Bonnet chicken/ham pie plus fries sounded special; what we got was pie & chips with a single lettuce leaf's worth of garnish. Thumbs up for ketchup, points away for no HP. It all equals out, says Philosophy Kev.

Rich and dark carrot cake was v. good, as was the cafetiere of Monsoon Malabar: shame that it took so long to arrive. And does it really take so long to find out that there's no caramel slice? Let's call it an opportunity missed.

If it was a car -- Jaguar XJ6.
If they were passing by -- P.D. James.