EDitorial ± 19-Oct-2007

Felixstowe Light Lunches: Oaks Tea Room

Didn't mention last week that we only ended up at Froffee Coffee 'cos we couldn't get in at this week's location, the Oaks Tea Room, on the corner by the library and the cinema (see BoytonBoy's map).

Booking ahead, a first on the Light Lunches tour, guarantees us a table at the OTR. Chalkboards -- two outside, four inside -- proclaim "traditional homemade food" and that "all our food is homemade on the premises". So far, so blah: been there, done that, had the cream tea.

And yet the Oaks proves itself to be an unexpected gem. From the moment we enter the premises, service is exemplary. Drinks order taken promptly and enter the milkshakes, mine with a strawb on the side and Andy's with a handmade choccy on top.

That quartet of boards offer a huge choice from snacks to main meals. When we ask Mr Oaks about some of the options, he gives us chapter and verse -- this is someone who cares about food, his food. He talks us through some of the lighter and not-so-light options, aware that two, perhaps three of us are already looking at the puds. Thumbs aloft for my sardines on toast.

Savouries done, what next? There's cake, knickerbocker glory, hot sponges, a mouth-watering list of comfort food. Grenvyle's college pudding and Andy's date slice are soaked in custard, while my Eton Mess is a meringue marvel. Spot on and highly recommended.

If it was a car -- Bentley Brooklands.
If they were passing by -- Clement Freud.