EDitorial ± 29-Nov-2007

TT0708, Week 11

No disrespect to Kev (honest): sometimes you need your A-Team out -- Arvind, Andy and An Aspiring Author. Up against the only other unbeaten team in division 3, so forget your Rafa-esque squad rotation. Bring it on, Rosary Blue.

Terry and Brian and David brought along their bats and their sixtysomething percent averages. They gave it a good-natured shot and took the odd end, but the singles were over by 9:15pm. Points for them: zero. Points for us: nine. Oh yes.

Only the doubles to go, Andy stepping aside for that killer Arv+Ed pairing, and Rosary Brian was determined to leave with something. We went ahead, they levelled, they pulled in front and crossed the line first. They wanted it more. Our first doubles defeat of the season. One record gone.

On to the Tiles to wind up the nice young lady behind the bar with our inconvenient milkshake requests. Who'd work in catering?