EDitorial ± 21-Dec-2007

Felixstowe Light Lunches: The Alex

Final festive Friday @ Felixstowe fieldtrip of 2007 with only four days to go until the David & Kylie Dr Who Christmas Special. Leisurely lollop down Bent Hill, into the warmth and there's some bloke beckoning to us. More than a bit dodgy looking with his indoor shades but lo, it's only Kev with a table for us. Nice one.

Welcome to The Alex -- you probably don't need the map -- p'raps better known to locals as Cordys. Been here since 1927, you know. While we're down memory lane, have a glimpse at this retro photo. Gotta love those cakes in the window.

Agreeably feelgood buzz to the place, quite possibly due to the presence of all four remaining Defiants TT players: played 11, won 11, top of the league, natch. Styles itself as a "cafe bar", which seems apposite. Make your choice from the tempting menu and place your orders for drinks and food at the bar. None of that hanging around to catch someone's eye palaver. And there's newspapers. And a number of kids, who have their own menu. Ticks all the boxes.

Me and Slim Shady shared a large plate of meze, including prosciutto, chorizo, olives and hummus. How cosmopolitan is that for Felixstowe? Very tasty it was too, and at a reasonable price. Plus there's cakes and coffee. Hope it's clear that I like this location. Long live The Alexandra.

If it was a car -- Citroen C4.
If they were passing by -- Mark Owen.

Update: 05-Feb-2010

Sheesh: fully 25 months since our official stop at the Alex. Shame that Andy couldn't make it -- it's not easy being green -- but he was good enough to contribute his EADT-clipped vouchers offering a "full English breakfast for just £5". Only available before noon: don't spare the horses, chauffeur! It gets busy down there and, as last time, Kev nabbed us a good spot. Ordered, sat back, and here's our three plates of grub with Dingley Dell sausage, back bacon, scrambled egg, tomato. Plus several rounds of (get this) pre-buttered toast, like something out of Grimble. Oh my word, that's a quality breakfast. Price also included a pot of tea. Absolute bargain for a fiver, and still pretty good at the £7.95 RRP.