EDitorial ± 10-Jan-2008

TT0708, Week 14

Let there be three individuals named A, E and K:

Situation 1

  • K likes to play doubles
  • A&E have it in their power to let K play doubles
  • with the doubles about to start, K appears disinterested
  • A&E deny K doubles by playing the final game themselves
  • K expresses his dissatisfaction with A&E
  • K storms off and declines to talk with A&E

Situation 2

  • E likes marshmallows
  • A has it in his power to let E have marshmallows
  • with the marshmallows about to be eaten, E appears very interested
  • A denies E marshmallows by plonking them in his hot chocolate
  • E expresses his dissatisfaction with A
  • E forgets about it (eventually) and stays to talk with A

Balls of fury indeed.