EDitorial ± 25-Jan-2008

Felixstowe Light Lunches: Cafe 7

[The EDitor was otherwise engaged, so we present another guest review by Andy Cassy, for which thanks]

Our first venture out to Felixstowe by the two taxi drivers without our EDitor-in-chief to crack the whip. So we decided to try one of Grenvyle's old haunts, Cafe 7 (see map). A bit suspect looking from the outside, with '70s style windows at the front but we still decided to venture in anyway 'cause we'd found a convenient parking space and we were both hungry. Sign says open Fri-Sun, so it's a good job we didn't form a Monday Club.

Who'd have thought this place had waitress service too? Well, it did, though she was probably in her prime when Felixstowe was in its hey-day too. Well before the outdoor market appears over the road which looked rather sad in the harsh winter sun. Still, it was all rather clean and popular too with local residents and workers. We soon found out why ...

After getting up to look at the extensive selection of 'Specials', there was a minor set back when no ham was available for Suffolk Salad. In the end we both decided on pies and a hot mug of tea (no tea-pots and hot water in this place, nor papers come to that, but it did have a prime view of the market lot).

After a reasonable wait, out came the pies with potatoes, steaming hot, followed by a massive bowl of cooked veg. Definitely home-made -- chicken for Grenvyle and beef for me, with lovely gravy too. We both struggled to clean our plates. Unfortunately we were too stuffed to sample any of their extensive range of desserts too. Pity, but probably worth a future trip if you are after good, hearty fare and value for money.

If it was a car -- Fiat Panda.
If they were passing by -- Desperate Dan.

Ed will return next week. Boyton Boy