EDitorial ± 8-Feb-2008

Felixstowe Light Lunches: Tchibo

On previous write-ups there's been the odd soupcon of consternation concerning apostrophes (Pickwicks, Mrs Pipers), poor spelling (The Conservatory, Tea & Antiques) and downright stupid names (Froffee Coffee). This week, for your pleasure, we present Tchibo (see map). Waddya reckon? Shy-boh? Chee-boh? Itchy-back? As my mum might say, the T is silent as in table.

Chauffeured down to a blindingly sunny Felixstowe. Car park drop off left us with a stretch-your-legs stroll past Comptons and up to numbers 74-76 on trusty Hamilton Road, the 'Stowe's very own Regent Street. Enter a bright and light and inviting shop. Confuzzled: is it a coffee shop that also sells stuff or a store that also has a cafe? Trouble getting my brontosaurus brain around what's being sold -- there's comfy PJs, yoga equipment and pineapple slicers. Together at last!

Grab one of the half-dozen or so circular tables by the front of the shop. Wot no menu, so up we get to peruse the goods under the counter: limited savouries, a salad or two, and cakes galore. Meal deal for me, comprising bacon and avocado sandwich plus Tyrrell crisps plus choice of cake plus choice of drink for £5.50-ish. Smells like good value to me, though took friendly staff a few mins to figure out the appropriate till keys to press.

Snaffled OK pre-packed sarnie while still trying to agree criteria for a light lunch visit. As Barbossa says, "the code is more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules". Seating: check. Cake: check. Pot of tea: check. At Tchibo, Grenvyle's tea arrives in a glass. Like Uri Geller's cutlery, rules were made to be bent.

This place is popular with the punters. Most agreeable venue for a quick cuppa java and a sitdown. Good and strong coffee, tasty and more-ish carrot cake. PWEI were right: Oh Tchibo, I Think I Love You.

If it was a car -- Kia Picanto.
If they were passing by -- Kirsten O'Brien.