EDitorial ± 30-Jul-2008

Felixstowe Light Lunches: Ruby's Kitchen

Goodwood doesn't have a monopoly on gorgeousness this July day. That mass of incandescent gas is blazing away and, after a rest week, we're pursuing a fiery Felixstowe TV tip from d'Artagnan, aka Kev: there's another new venue in town. Grenvyle grabs a sweet parking spot on Wolsey Gardens, leaving us with no more than a hop and a skip to number 1, Bent Hill. That is one quality address.

You may have known this location as Nuts & Honey. Been there for yonks, though they've had the chairs permanently up on the tables for as long as we've been frequenting the F-word. Then, vamoosh, two weeks ago it's reborn as Ruby's Kitchen. Thank goodness the bag shop is still next door. Meanwhile, no more than a glimpse of the posh paint job before we're ushered inside:

  • through room 1, cakes and jams and sofas,
  • through room 2, tables and glass and specials,
  • and out on to the vitamin D-enriched balcony

Each of the three tables has a mighty parasol: yes, uni-umbrella Tea Pot, that is aimed at you. Lovely out, as Eric used to observe to Ernie, though sea-view limited by the four foot fence. Menu is way too enticing and includes the delightful heading "Nibbly Bits To Share". Blah seasonal blah local blah free-range blah, naturally. Athos, Porthos and Aramas make up their collective minds, leaving d'Arty to practice some county level procastination.

My daily special, a salad nicoise with the odd olive and balsamic, is super. All our lunches very much look and taste the part. No shortage of attentive service, too. After some personal soul-searching, the luscious lemon cake wins dessert wars, and dang it, bring me a double espresso. Says the waitress to me afterwards: Are you buzzin'? Zing!

Goodbye, Ruby's Kitchen, still I'm gonna miss you ... until the next visit.

If it was a car -- BMW Z4 Coupe.
If they were passing by -- Adrian Lester.