EDitorial ± 22-Apr-2009

TT0809, Week 18

And it's over. Season started WBW on 09/09, a game in which (a) Ed scraped all three, (b) Andy was injured, (c) Kev should have won a game and (d) Ed/Kev lost the doubles. Plus ca change, if you'll pardon my A-level French.

Arrived late to find Andy (dark blue BTL top) struggling against Hard Rock Cafe Phuket, our man playing way too defensively and staring down the wrong end of four matchpoints. Somehow, he survived and won the fifth. Nice one.

Easy win for Ed (black Rave), then here comes Kev (Kung Foo Fighter) against PlainGrey. Waddya know, Kev plays a blinder to gain his 6th point of the season. Another stroll for Ed and it's played four, won four to Team Defiant.

Then it all goes a bit Donkey Kong. Andy, who's not at the races, and Kev, who's mislaid his betting slip, both slip up. Ed lands his third, and this turns out to be our last point of the night. Not great, esp. since two-thirds of the opposition normally play in the bottom division.

Another season done, and we're done for. Done enough to stay up, we think, meeting our challenging but achievable objective. Pats on the back all round.