EDitorial ± 16-Oct-2009

Ipswich Lunches: St Lawrence Centre

Having taken the role of passenger for most of these outings (despite doing most of the driving), Grenvyle's now busy seeking out reasonably priced tea shops in The Swich. His idea to enter the Institute last week, his idea to take a pew in the St Lawrence Centre this week. Maybe he feels an affinity with its former redundant status? There we are in that blue sky photo, bolting a bacon buttie in the belfry. Well, not quite -- this is no cathedral:

  • like Pickwicks, it's super centrally located on Dial Lane
  • like Saints, it's piously though singularly titled
  • like The Sanctuary, it's in a disused church

(consult Simon Knott for more about this place, obviously)

First time I've been in here since buying charity Christmas cards pre The Restoration (misleading capitals). Must have had the patience of Job to do such a fine job. Love that wraparound Letraset wall sermon: blessed are the cheesemakers, and indeed all food producers. Catering here is provided by "Created 4 You", a Social Enterprise, which has the ring (dem bells) of a Good Thing.

Some service, too, as befits its previous existence. He's no Carl Lewis, but G's food arrived before he'd made his way back from the counter. Two-thirds of us went for today's special of "hot meal plus free dessert". Aisle not say no to a big white ADB bap of bacon and runny egg. Top marks for making the breakfast selection available until 1pm, and for making available a couple of PCs with free internet access.

Room on the broom so back underneath Psalm 132:9 to order a coffee of the ho-hum push-button variety. Ho-ho, though, for the heavenly choir of cakestuff. Lead me not into temptation from the cherry slice, chocolate cookie and cappuccino bake. Yielded finally to a wicked custard-yellow iced bun with sprinkles. Excellent value, too, esp. given its plum location. Does it offer the best prices in town? Well, that would be an ecumenical matter.

If it was a car -- Austin 7.
If they were passing by -- John Craven.