EDitorial ± 19-Jan-2010

TT0910, Week 16

Guest review from Mr Andy Cassy (ta):

The signs were ominous: the league's remaining 100% player on the opponents' side, guards not got the full list of names "but that doesn't matter" and then I have to awake our star player from his slumber at his desk to jolt him in to action... Then everyone miraculously turns up. So, let game commence - parallel processing on both tables too.

Andy's strategical approach to play Anshul first backfired when their #1 played second, drat he has to play him first then. So, two nil down before we'd even warmed up - Anshul still wiping the sleep out of his eyes. Then Rene and Andy make it level and somehow manage to pull ahead to a 5-4 lead going in to the doubles. With Anshul on the sidelines and still a bit groggy he watches in despair as Rene and Andy lose the first end after a very tough fight then we crumbled. Still a good result overall and excellent play from two of our three players on the night.

A bit like Ipswich, just managing to keep ahead of the relegation zone. Then Rene danced off in to the night and Anshul slunk back to his bed for a good night's sleep.