EDitorial ± 14-Jul-2010

Ipswich Lunches: Bernie Lee's

Unseasonally tricky to park your bike near the Giles Statue in downtown Ipswich. In fact, Grandma isn't there at the mo'. She's sunning herself elsewhere while that whole area encapuslated by Costa, Barclays and the Corn Exchange is paved and pimped, shortly to be relaunched as Giles Circus.

Is it only last March that we kicked off the Ipswich eateries with an outing to the Central Canteen? At that time, there was a Chinese restaurant a few doors down named Canton Ocean, which in turn had replaced Cafe Blue. Whizz to the present summer of 2010 and we find Bernie Lee's, a very recently opened coffee shop and purveyor of hot roast baguettes. Sit in, take away, your choice.

Inside the door sits a hinged Brompton, Mr Cassy's calling card. He's well sorted: best seats in the house, twin comfy sofas in the window, flicking through The Sun and demolishing his French stick. Menu-wise, I like the sound of the Tractor Boy, but chicken out and plump for the roast pork and relish. Pleasant to slump on the couch, work my jaws and sip a cold Coke.

Back to counter for Americano and a slab of perfectly fine carrot cake. Good to see other folks giving this place a try; can't be the best time to start a new business, so good luck to the Bernie Lee's boys.

If it was a car -- Ford Thunderbird.
If they were passing by -- Rich Hall.