EDitorial ± 17-Sep-2010

Ipswich Lunches: Bourne Bridge

Got wheels again this week -- not any wheels but the fiery hot wheels of a Nissan monster truck. Vroom, though not v. much room 'cos of Andy's detritus. Suggest we retrace our route from January's hike to Holbrook: over t' big bridge, down t' hill but this time left at t' roundabout.

Barely within the borough boundary, based on the old Bourne Bridge is a bastion of the all-day breakfast known as Tony's On The Bridge. Saunter by on the sabbath and it's shut, a standalone be-tarped structure. Drive by Monday to Saturday, anytime from 7am, and they're feeding the faces of truckers, builders and chandlers from here to Harwich.

There's lay-by parking if you're lucky, which we are, and seating if you're staying. Most business is evidently takeaway. Baguette or burger? Former for him (bacon + sausage + egg), latter for me (skip the sausage). Plus a cold cherry Coke to sip while seated admiring the view once occupied by the Cliff Quay power station. His baguette befits his vehicle, while my burger is another fine example of a manwich (see also Wimpy). Burger, bacon, egg, onions and ketchup, oh my. Reminds me that on hols we passed a fast food place called Hamburgers & Good Times.

Burger lovingly consumed and lips licked like J. Wellington Wimpy, there's still a sweet spot left to fill. Today's cakes are all gone, sadly. I'll have a Twirl, please: at which point the fella behind the counter does a 360, narf. With a milky coffee, of course. A minute later the microwave pings and there's my hot beverage. Wouldn't get that up the road at the poshy-washy Suffolk Food Hall. Tony's, a place where men -- and me and Andy -- can eat like men.

If it was a car -- Austin Champ.
If they were passing by -- David Myers and Simon King.