EDitorial ± 5-Oct-2010

TT1011, Week 4

Guest report from Brompton Boy, Mr Andy Cassy:

"AndyW arrives early for some pre-match tips from our own Mr Branton. Gets off to a promising start and wins an end against Barry whom we played many moons ago but sadly end up with his sitting Duck for the season (current and past). And this IS the same team who came bottom last year in this Division.

Next up Rene after his late arrival. Easy wins against Barry despite the dodgy umpiring and late corrective score call. Struggles to a close win against the super quick Brian but fails to match the spinny and fast hits from their best player with even more ugliness after 4 successive edges and 8 in total to secure an easy end -- and was that an illegal serve (we all feign ignorance and carry on regardless).

Finally, Mr C has his 100% record to maintain otherwise he’s walking home is the threat. So quickly polishes off Barry, a fun and fast win against Brian before a tough game against Ray who just doesn’t find his form.

We remain unbeaten in doubles after an easy match with Ray not playing. So reasonable result overall but if this is the worst team in the league we’ll be doing well to finish in the top half where we currently reside. Onwards and upwards..."