EDitorial ± 18-Oct-2010

TT1011, Week 6

"I say, I say, I say, that was the police on the phone. They've got my son and his friend down at the station. Apparently they were caught trying to break into that rare breeds centre."


"No, I'll leave them to stew overnight and teach them a lesson."

Meanwhile, let's wheel out the A-Team for the first time since week 1. Not the best of starts, finding the link road to Asda and the A14 closed. Bright idea from Ed: let's go via Henley. Then Barham Green. Into Claydon. Over the roundabout by Great Blakenham. We'll get there in no time.

Hence arrived a good quarter-of-an-hour late. Never mind. Quick warm up and we're off: first two ends to Andy, easy, and Rene, after three deuces. Ed is appalling against brother Alan, deservedly losing in straight ends including a near whitewash. In a misguided attempt at empathy, Andy then caves in to Mike, who's playing well. Nonetheless, a shock defeat. Four games in, 2-2, not what we'd hoped for.

Cutting it short, singles completed with two ends each for our boys, victory assured, Andy outplaying brother Alan and Rene outjumping brother Ivan.

Tactical move for Andy to drop out of the doubles, scoring and watching Rene and Ed go down -- first doubles loss -- to Mike and Alan. Then the dark, dark walk back to the church car park to reflect on what might have been.