EDitorial ± 5-Apr-2011

TT1011, Week 26

When you're getting picked up by Andy C, you can start getting ready about the time he's due to arrive, finish your tea and then receive a text saying he's on his way. When you're getting picked up by Rene, you receive a call at the exact time he's due to arrive saying Where Are You? Compare and, if you will, contrast.

Located Holton St Mary village hall easily enough thanks to (a) the daylight and (b) Rene's satnav. Ed's the only survivor from the pre-Christmas encounter when he and Andy C beat 'em 7-3. Tonight, though, there are three.

  • tough start for PC Andy v. quick-hitting Denise and tougher still v. Ken, Andy saving his best for a creditable deuce game v. Rupert
  • better night for Rene, beating Denise in straight games and taking part in two five-end scraps v. Rupert (won!) and Ken (lost) while eating an infeasible number of Jaffa Cakes
  • three to Ed, as per the norm

Singles played, 5-4 to Defiants and a chance for Ed and Rene to seal a victory. Lost first two, won second two, and came second in the fifth. Draw's a fair result.