EDitorial ± 5-Aug-2011

Felixstowe Light Lunches: Cafe Kitsch

Pitch up at Felixstowe since there's a new cafe in town, OMG! Glitch as we contrive to miss the bright yellow sign sitting outside OMG Clothing. Rich fashion brands from Liz Hurley and Phil Oakey to left and right, LOL! Switch track to head upstairs. Which brings us to Cafe Kitsch.

Three years since we sang the praises of Sangha. Now Mrs Sangha has decamped to the high street to start a new effervescent enterprise packed with pinks and reds. Yellow menu kicks off with pancakes and maple syrup: stop right there, that'll more than do. Chunky sandwiches tempt Andy -- he loves a club -- while Rene tests the in-house enunciation skills by ordering focaccia. Big salute for my Canadian style breakfast generously festooned with bacon.

Jolly up here with the light and the window seat, and there's sofas round the back too, somewhat unlike Hamiltons, say. Rene's pleased with the friendly service and getting his green tea in a green teapot. Ample time for a good-sized piece of chocolate cake, c/w a couple of Smarties and a lump of Dairy Milk on top. Very pleased to see that the top quality coffee has made it over from Sangha: my macchiato is one of the best and puts hairs on my chest.

If it was a car -- Caterham CSR.
If they were passing by -- Ed Stewpot Stewart.