EDitorial ± 22-Dec-2011

Grimble, Clement Freud

Been too long since I used to read bedtime stories to The Boy. Decided that Something Had To Be Done. But what to read? He loves all of the Mr Gum books by Andy Stanton and is anxiously waiting for the latest. What else would appeal?

Sorting through piles of books from the front room -- recently redecorated, was in quite a state and Something Had To Be Done -- I came across the answer. My old Puffin edition of Grimble by one Clement Freud, price 40p, reprinted 1976 (twice).

Ah, Grimble, a childhood hero like Peter Lorimer. I was most likely about the same age as The Boy when I first read it. I still have fond memories of Grimble's attempts at a Home Toast Delivery Service and his friend, David Sebastian Waghorn, "a very funny boy".

We started at the very beginning, as you do, with Chapter 1, Monday. We were already giggling by the time we got to the second page, talking about school dinners and "chocolate spodge, a mixture between chocolate sponge and chocolate sludge". When we reached the bit where Grimble tries to kick a left-footed penalty with a coconut, I was having to pause to catch my breath.

Didn't take long to zip through all five chapters from Monday to Friday, then straight on to Grimble At Christmas where the poor lad has to organise his entire family's celebrations. We nearly managed to time it such that it really was Four Shopping Days To Christmas, like Chapter 3. Anyway, highly recommended for the small boy in your life.