EDitorial ± 20-Jan-2012

Light Lunches: Cafe 46, Wickham Market

More than three years back, four of us took tea at the Tea Pot at 46 High Street on the square. Mid-2011, three of us lunched at the relocated Teapot Tea Room at 70a High Street off the square. Early 2012, two of us -- we are hardcore -- returned to the original location to check out the latest incarnation.

Cafe 46 is the catering component of Vintage Forty-Six, the place for your "modern decorative collectables", it says here. Can't comment on how much it's changed inside since we ate outside in 2008. Today, however, is of the filthy wet variety, so in we tootle. Struck by the pleasing ambience: chalk specials on the board, papers laid out, old wooden furniture, Jamie Oliver salt and pepper (if that dresses your salad), retro signage on the walls. Here's a key difference from the Teapot: we were greeted with a smile from the ladies behind the counter. Hello!

Right, what to have? Andy's in like Flintoff and goes for the three cheese on toast with chutney. I was gonna have that. Time to turn some tables and sip some soup. Good leek and potato, great corn bread on the side, and a generous portion too. Unlike Andy's single flat-ish piece of cheesy bread. Tasty if stingy. At least he was able to use the free WiFi.

Place filled up during our savoury course. That done, it's back to the counter of promises to be talked through the treasury of sweet temptations. Carrot cake can't be denied for either of us, and it's top notch, as is the highly caffeinated flat white. Sorry, Teapot: it's Cafe 46 by a knockout.

If it was a car -- Morgan Aero 8.
If they were passing by -- Tim Lovejoy.

Update: 06-Mar-2012

Jilian from Cafe 46 has been in touch to say that she's "taken on board the stingy cheese on toast and shall change the bread to a thicker, bigger slice!" Nice one, Jilian, and good luck with the business.