EDitorial ± 27-Feb-2012

Stack Area

Location: kitchen. Time: 6:47pm. Difficulty: medium. Key steps:

  • vessels & spoons:
    • rinse milk bottle and place to left of taps
    • assemble Froot Shoot bottles along rear wall
    • clear area near taps for mugs
    • place small spoons in single small mug
    • place larger spoons in single larger mug
    • assemble other mugs in rows of three
    • form tower of Ikea plastic cups to rear of spoon-holding mugs
    • line up low-rise glasses in rows of three in front of mugs
    • line up high-rise glasses along wall by teapots
  • crockery & cutlery:
    • identify neutral receptacle, eg bowl, to hold cutlery
    • gather forks into receptacle
    • align knives along rim of receptacle
    • assemble sharp knives by sink in front of low-rise glasses
    • form stack of Ikea plastic oval plates near mugs
    • form stack of coloured circular plates near glasses
    • form stack of rinsed smaller white plates to left of sink
    • form stack of rinsed larger blue-rimmed plates on top of white plates
  • misc:
    • rinse teapots and remove used teabags
    • deposit used teabags in bin
    • deposit foil in bin
    • collect loose cutlery near cooker and group accordingly
    • half-fill pans on cooker with water
    • place any cooking utensils, eg masher, ladle, in suitably sized pan

Congratulation: you're ready to load the dishwasher with optimum efficiency.