EDitorial ± 1-Mar-2012

Ipswich Lunches: Kai, UCS

Brand new month, March the 1st, both St David's Day and birthday of showjumper David Broome (unlike me, with an "e"). Sun's out, sky is blue and you might even describe the temperature as balmy, like Ginger. Plan is to meet outside Coffeelink at 1:05pm. I'm there at 1:10pm, not bad for me, and Andy's there at Nelson time. On we go taking care to avoid the remaining dockside railway lines.

Completists that we are, we've come to the James Hehir building to tick off the final eatery in the UCS trilogy comprising:

  • so-so Wicked,
  • okay Theta,
  • and today's contender, Kai.

A brief freewheel inland is Cafe Marina whereas Kai sits nonchalantly on some prime waterfront. Place is abuzz with da youth as we enter and grab one of the few free tables. Nice to sit down at our age, ay what. Diverse options galore on the garish pink 'n' green menus, from tofu to tuna and jambalaya to something else beginning with "j". One price for us, reduced price for the 'tudes. Seems fair. Up to the long bar to order. There's a queue but it's moving.

Thought we'd be clever and each order our savoury AND sweet choices in the one transaction, thus saving us time. Kind of backfired when Andy's sticky toffee pudding turned up first, shortly followed by my paprika chicken ciabatta (and curly fries!) and his wedges, then my pudd. No matter. While they won't set the world alight, the savouries are generously sized and very good value, easily setting you up for a post-lunch lecture on computational linguistics. Ditto the pudds: I had the dulce de leche, yet again.

On such a day, shame that there's no (obvious) outdoor seating, though maybe that appears later in the year. Shame, too, about my watery Americano, though I suspect a straight latte would have been much better, judging by Andy's mocha. Thumbs up, overall, and makes you feel 20 years younger and/or older. Your mileage may vary.

If it was a car -- Kia Venga.
If they were passing by -- Prof Alison Macleod.