EDitorial ± 19-Sep-2012

TT1213, Week 1

Mid-September. Chilly mornings with temperatures in single digits, plenty of good stuff on the goggle-box, and a new ping-pong season. Those with six-month memories may recall that team Defiants had some success last season, cruising through division 3 -- er, the bottom one -- to gain promotion to division 2. Cue Suggs: it's gonna be rougher, it's gonna be tougher, but hopefully we won't be the ones that are gonna suffer.

Strict financial management has prevented any big money signings over the summer, so the 2012/2013 line-up remains Broom, Cassy, Cheng and Willett, alphabetically. No Cassy tonight at Rosary: much more convenient for the three Ipswich-based players to do battle against Tony, David and speedway Bob. In brief:

  • Ed beat David in four and scrambled back from 2-0 down to beat a tiring Bob in five
  • Steve played really well to beat David in straight games, but lost out to Bob in four and was edged out by Tony in five
  • Kennedy lost on a fifth end deuce to Bob, so close, then took five ends to beat David

Unfortunate that Tony had to leave us after a single game to attend to a sick relative -- hope your Dad's OK -- but on with the show, Ed and Kennedy making short work of the doubles. Winning start: nice one, us.