EDitorial ± 16-Oct-2012

TT1213, Week 5

Well, well, well, if it isn't our old buddies, the Manor Club, who've joined us in dragging ourselves up from the depths of division 3. Look at us now, scoring points for fun when we're not being taught a solid ping-pong lesson in consistency and accuracy. There's Winsley, struggling with a strained back, and brother Michael, always tough, plus hot new signing Kevin (previously).

Bit of a late start, and the band is rehearsing down the corridor, so conditions are optimal. Star of the night was undoubtedly nice guy Kevin taking away a surprising maximum. In brief:

  • 2/3 for Ed, overcoming Michael, finally, but going down to Kevin
  • 2/3 for Kennedy, ditto
  • 1/3 for Steve, doing well to defeat Winsley and giving Michael a scare

Cracking final game of doubles went to 9-9 in the fifth and final end before Kevin and Winsley took turns to play their winning shots. Late finish, honours even, good night.