EDitorial ± 14-Jan-2013

TT1213, Week 13

Didn't pan out for us when the doughty Defiants last met those flighty Felixstowe Triers, the game in which Andy got crocked. What with Kennedy MBA-ing in the USA, that left just two of us. Figure we might as well play, already being a couple of games behind and with tough ex-div1 opponents.

Down at the 'Stowe rugby club in the carpeted bar area are Rugger David and Wily Tony. Ooh, new player alert in position 3: hi to inexperienced Chris, son of Brian. Snow falling outside, let the sledging begin. In brief:

  • 2/3 max for Ed, yay!, still getting zilch off David but grabbing a grateful good point off Tony
  • 1/3 for Steve, yay!, coming close against Tony but brushing aside young Chris

We'd have more than settled (unlike the snow!) for 3 points. Straightforward team selection for the doubles -- Steve & Ed -- while they generously allowed Chris to partner Tony. Game went the distance before we ran out on top to claim a 4-6 defeat, i.e. twice as many points as last time. Yay!