EDitorial ± 20-Feb-2013

TT1213, Week 18

It seemed nippy enough for the game last week. Turns out that was totally tropical compared to the windchill out there tonight en route to the Thunderdome. My word.

I wonder if tonight's opponents ever dream they're an eagle? For that is the name of their team. When we played 'em first time around back in a much milder October, we snatched a draw. Tonight, though, John's out in favour of their top player Kevan -- gulp -- plus there's Chinese Ray and Guess Who Rob. And only Ed and Kennedy. Ain't gonna be pretty. In brief:

  • 0/3 for Kennedy -- first time this season -- managing just a single end in three bruising encounters
  • 0/3 for Ed -- second time this season -- losing an epic game v. Rob by 17-15 in the fifth end then going downhill from there

Only the doubles to play, 9-0 to them despite our huffin' and puffin'. Team picks itself -- step forward Ed and Kennedy -- and we win in straight games to claim a consolation point. Outclassed this evening, truth be told, by the top of the table team.