EDitorial ± 25-Feb-2013

Fredo / Frodo / Freddo

Fredo's Michael's underboss and son of Brando's Vito
Frodo -- Mr Underhill -- travels incognito
Freddo, wrapped and microwaved, becomes a frog burrito

Fredo is the middle bro' -- good heart but weak and dumb
Frodo wanders Middle-earth from Bree to Khazad-dum
Freddo's from the Midlands, Bourneville, Cadbury World in Brum

Fredo, John Cazale, -- so sad, yet Meryl understood
Frodo, who could play him? Blue eyes, short -- Elijah Wood
Freddo flaunts a "V" sign, even veggies find it good

Fredo flops when Vito's popped and, flustered, fails to fire
Frodo, hitting fifty, flogs Bag End and flees the Shire
Freddo now costs 20p, that price gets ever higher

Fredo's bailed out frequently by Tom, consigliere
Frodo forms a fellowship with Pippin, Sam and Merry
Freddo's sub 100 cals of pure confectionery

Fredo snitched: "You broke my heart," says Michael to his face
Frodo Baggins -- hero to the ancient Hobbit race
Freddo's best straight from the fridge -- store in a cool dry place

Fredo, much like Play Doh, ends up wasted in a tub
Frodo feels the spider's sting when half-killed by Shelob
Freddo's far more chocolatey than Penguin, Twix or Club

Fredo and Pacino shared a Dog Day Afternoon
Frodo's stabbed but lives -- his mithril shirt makes him immune
Freddo forced out brother Taz, that devilish Looney Tune

Fredo's films are fodder for the film aficionado
Frodo, though afraid, bears ring to Mordor with bravado
Freddo, you can buy online when shopping with Ocado

Fredo Corleone has the daddy of all dads
Frodo battles ruffians and orcs and other cads
Freddo bar won't fill you up so great for hungry lads
Ferodo write their name on bridges -- best for disc brake pads