EDitorial ± 3-May-2013

Thomas Dolby, The Invisible Lighthouse

(review published on InSuffolk.com)

There's a full house at Aldeburgh Cinema to welcome Thomas Dolby as he launches their weekend of Sounds & Silents, "a festival of film and live music". This is the world premiere of Dolby's film, The Invisible Lighthouse, exploring his lifelong fascination with Orford Ness.

His handmade film, a work in progress, is part documentary and part Boy's Own adventure. With live synths and narration, Dolby wonders aloud on the reliability of his childhood memories growing up near Snape Maltings.

Now, working in his beachfront recording studio - a renovated lifeboat - he learns that the Ness lighthouse, visible in the distance, is due to close. At the wheel of his small motorboat and dressed in period Lost Airman garb, Dolby navigates the marshes and makes land on the MOD-owned Ness.

Returning to the stage after the film ends, Dolby gives an insight into its making and performs a handful of live songs, much to the delight of his hardcore fans.