EDitorial ± 26-Nov-2013

TT1314, Week 7

That rotation system ain't for everyone. Steve, our most consistent player so far, holds on to his place, out go tired Andy and Kev, and in come rested Ed and Yang. Much like bringing on Scholes and Giggs. As we enter that testing winter period, quality on the bench is what wins titles.

Crunch tie tonight against ISC D. Through the door walk cranky Geoff, 80-plus years of age, retired since 1987 but still Duracell powered, plus two new faces: father and son Terry and Rob, the Butler boys, ex of the Colchester league. Warming up, they look like they may have held a bat before. In brief:

  • a battling 2/3 for Yang, coming back from a straight ends defeat to Rob to win an epic five-ender against Terry, then doing enough to beat Geoff
  • a pleasing 2/3 for Steve, beating both Geoff and Rob (!) in straight ends before going the distance against Terry, losing in the 5th
  • a maximum 3/3 for Ed, losing only one end (to Geoff) the entire evening

Yang once more stepped aside for the doubles, pleading lack of practice. Super confident start for Ed and Steve going 2-0 up before the opposition changed tack and stopped going for their shots. No matter. A most satisfactory 7-3 win and that's the unbeaten run preserved like a jar of Bonne Maman for another week.