EDitorial ± 7-Jan-2014

TT1314, Week 12

(guest review by Andy Cassy: thanks, Andy!)

Always a bit nervy start to the evening when the opponents arrive before the home team and I am still at home finishing my tea before leaving...

But fear not. Look quickly at the league table, yes right NOW, whilst Defiants are riding high at the top of Div 3 as we enter the second round with fresh legs for a fresh new year.

Especially well done to Yang for taking another game off the Div 3 top individual player - poor Daniel was not at all pleased after a gruelling 5 ender in which he had game points to play with and lost on deuce.

With Ed resting, Andy stepped in to have an equally tough fight to take a point off James too, after finally wearing James down and coming back to snatch victory in the fourth end deuce and fifth end finale.

Steve fought hard against both opponents, taking Daniel to five ends, but just couldn’t finish ‘em off.

So that left Andy and Yang to take the doubles for another 7-3 win.

Good start to the new year after all. Keep it up lads.

Capt’n Cassy

PS – hope James fall as he left the venue has not affected his game