EDitorial ± 27-Jan-2015

TT1415, Week 15

Defiants are on a winning streak after last week's fine victory. Admittedly it's a thin streak, amounting to a single game, but isn't that like Chairman Mao's first step? Not easy to tell where we are in the table since we appear to have played one or two or three games more than other teams. Always better to have the P in the B, as they might initially say.

No guest players tonight and the long-awaited return of exam-sitting Latin-loving Natalie, armed with "A"s and "A*"s. Steve and Ed make up the remaining 66.6% as we welcome Rosary Blue (previously). There's Oh Phil, Numanoid Adrian and chop-choppy Colin. In brief:

  • fab 3/3 for Ed (!), outnetting and outedging irked Phil, brushing aside Adrian and restricting Colin to not many points
  • frustrating 1/3 for Steve, not taking matchpoints v. Colin before bouncing back to bat aside Adrian
  • frustrating 1/3 for Natalie, coming back to beat Adrian but losing out in a super-close five-ender to Phil

Ed and Natalie into the doubles needing that extra point to claim the victory, going 2-0 up and looking comfortable before somehow losing the next three. Draw, it is: that'll do.