EDitorial ± 24-Feb-2015

TT1415, Week 19

That winning streak is back-Back-BACK with last week's unreported narrow win over Manor D: congrats to the other three, aka Yang and Steve and Natalie. Still going to be aw'fly close at the business end of the season but those six points are most welcome.

Steve and Ed on duty tonight; neither Yang nor Natalie could make it. A call went out to Alison, our supersub, who sadly declined due to theatrical demands. Didn't somebody else turn out for us earlier this season? Oh yes, it's none other than former Defiant stalwart Andy Cassy, now a Thunderbird, ready for another outing in the rarefied air of division 2.

Visiting tonight are our ex-Norbridge pals, the mighty Sparrows. Back in November, they were generous enough to gift us three valuable points. Not tonight, for here's eponymous John, crusher Colin and, gulp, fat controller Mark. In brief:

  • OK 1/3 for Ed, taking Mark the distance before losing out, fading against Colin but grabbing a win over John
  • unfortunate 0/3 for Steve, taking Colin the distance before losing out and playing second best to John
  • good 1/3 for Andy, taking John the distance and winning!

Rolling back the years to last season, Ed and Andy paired up for a tough doubles encounter against Mark and Colin. Bang, goes Andy's forehand! Biff, goes Andy's backhand! First game to us, looking rather good, before the better team won out. Plenty of effort for a paltry couple of points.