EDitorial ± 23-Apr-2015

TT1415, Week 21

Over a month has passed since our previous game and we're still not done. There's a single game left to play but our elusive opponents have been playing hard to get. Through no fault of their own, apparently, they're way behind with the fixtures. Tonight, however, we're on.

When we last played Capel C at the back end of 2014, we were right royally hammered 8-2. Unfortunately, with teams around us already having completed their games -- that pesky Manor D leapfrogged us -- we need to win at least 7-3 to ensure we retain our prize division 2 status. At least, as they did against Manor D, Capel are only fielding two players, those being the boy Richard and cack-handed Mark, so here goes nothing. In brief:

  • super 2/2 for Ed, beating Mark for the first ever time
  • fab 2/2 for Yang, also edging out Mark with a series of high-flying lobs
  • good 1/2 for Steve, thwacked by Mark but winning out over Richard in straight games

Points tally going at the end of the singles, then, is three walkovers plus two plus two plus one, i.e. eight points. That'll do! Didn't matter enormously about the doubles defeat. As unlikely as it seemed, Defiants are staying up!