EDitorial ± 25-Sep-2015

Light Lunches: Flying Goose Cafe, Yoxford

Can't shake a Kings Of Leon lyric: "Oh, that Sax is quite far". Zipping out there in the Zoe, we three, Andy&Ed&Kev, are grimly determined to "do" the Pimpernelesque Cafe 9. Perhaps foolishly, we've still not pre-ordered our pies as previously advised. Let's refuel with whatever's in the fridge. Off the A12, over the rails and oops, we have ourselves another Darsham Halfway. Number nine is no more and is now a nouvelle vaporium. There's that idea up in smoke. Best of British to Simon the pieman in his next endeavour.

One route recalculation later takes us left at yonder Yoxford, past loo-less Louie Lou's (and the really rather splendid Main's restaurant) and out on the A1120, tourist route of choice. A mile up here, said the sign, is "one of Suffolk's leading antiques centres" incorporating the Flying Goose Cafe. As per the Ruddy Duck, honk if you spot it.

Brushing aside the 5000 square feet of bygones, following the yellow brick signs brings the intrepid trio, er, outside. In that spruce shed sits the nest. With its Photo Post pics, musical instruments overhead, fairy lights and more besides, the Goose shares similarities with the awesome Old Stores. Plentiful blackboards talk of parsnip soup, cheese melts and Seussian ham & eggs. Two busy ladies sell us Ben Shaw fizzypops and promise to bring our savoury goodies to us. Good amount of seats inside but then you'd miss staring at the long line of arts & craft beach huts -- you heard me -- bristling with bric-a-brac. They can't just let bygones be bygones.

Some minutes later and here's our special homemade sausage rolls with chutney, a hand-picked selection of fine leaves and a splash of balsamic, all on a characterful plate (out of picture). We've had worse, I tell ye. Sat by the sinks and other garden ephemera in the September sun is a situation to be devoutly wished. They're revving up the motor while I'm waiting for my decent takeaway latte, though we'd all like to linger longer. Spread your wings, fly to the Goose and go take a gander.

If it was a car -- Buick Roadmaster.
If they were passing by -- Freddie Starr.