EDitorial ± 5-Jan-2016

TT1516, Week 12

Took a call at the weekend. Hi Ed, John Sparrow here. I believe we have a game against you on Tuesday. Here's our team... (See, I have to book in everybody coming to play on a stupid paper form, but that's by the way.) Point is that I was still caught up in the whole Christmas stroke New Year thing and happily unaware of upcoming ping-pong.

Which was unfortunate 'cos Steve's on hols, Yang's swimming and Natalie's busy doing exams. Leaving l'il ol' me. Frantic emails and phone calls on Monday, though, the usual last-minute Larry, and a team emerged thanks to the fine folk from Thunderbirds. Stepping up once more would be she-got-game Alison and, making his debut, whippersnapper Josh, riding high in the div3 averages. This being the second half, it's a warm welcome to the birdmen, aka Sparrows, (previously), with gentle giant Colin, smiling Bill, and the eponymous jumping John Sparrow. In brief:

  • useful brace for Ed, slightly sad not to take Colin to a 5th end
  • sweet point for Alison, edging out Bill and playing a blinder to go 2-1 up against Colin before he came back strong
  • super sweet brace for that Josh, showing stacks of potential and an array of killer shots to get past Bill and John

Schoolnight for Josh -- ah! -- but never fear. Ed and Alison swept through the doubles to secure a vital point and thereby win the match. Thunderbirds are go!