EDitorial ± 29-Apr-2016

Ipswich Lunches: Applaud

We were overdue a revisit to Baker & Barista in the sophisticated Saints area of the 'Swich. One, 'cos it's fab. Two, 'cos it recently rebranded as Applaud. And, if you need reason three, 'cos they've just been announced as the best cafe stroke tea room in Suffolk's recent East Anglian Daily Times food and drink awards. Cue applause and this timely tweet:

Table grabbed, pleasing sound of Daughter playing in the background, and here's today's menu:

  • mozzarella, tomato & pesto in a toasted bagel
  • broad bean pate w/ mint, rocket & parmesan in toasted sourdough
  • brie, bacon & avocado in rustic french baguette
  • mixed salad bowl:
    • leaves w/ oil & balsamic
    • greek salad
    • quinoa & roast peppers
    • greek yoghurt & mint
  • crisps
  • gluten free ciabattas
  • children's options available

Top quality vanilla milkshake to sup while the award-winning ladies prepare my Brie & bacon baguette. Kev's blown away by his broad bean pate, while Andy's ploughing through his bagel.

That shared table idea still works a treat such that, when Andy departs -- that lad's always got places to be -- a single lady joins us for some snappy conversation. Couple of shared cakes and macchiato to put hairs on the hairs on your chest and we're good to go. Get yourself to Applaud and run like the clappers.

If it was a car -- Westfield FW Special Edition.
If they were passing by -- Lea Seydoux.