EDitorial ± 10-Jan-2017

TT1617, Britannia Sparrows v. Defiants

Still a-strugglin' in olde division 2 and yet here we are, turning up at the Defoe Road Thunderdome with only two of us, me and Steve. Through no fault of her own, Helen dropped out at short notice and, being already a couple of games behind, best the pair of us go ahead and play.

Warming up are post-hernia Colin (both of whom we played in September) and the mighty John Sparrow plus, oh dear, Casey Jones Mark. Oh dear 'cos Mark sits comfortably on top of the averages in div 2 having lost a single game this whole season. Lovely guy but not gonna get too close to him on the oblong green table. In brief:

  • poor 1/3 for Ed, losing in very straight ends to Mark, in five tough games to Coliln but then easing past John
  • poor 0/3 for deeply frustrated Steve, not winning a single end all evening

Looked like we might double our points tally with a fighting doubles display against the scary pair of Mark and Colin before we lost that too. Not great.