EDitorial ± 13-Jan-2017

Ipswich Lunches: Half Moon Foods

Swished across the gleaming white bonnet and into the Zoe's pre-warmed passenger seat. Ipswich?, suggested Andy. Yoxford!, I cried. Which was all v. well until Andy realised that the leccy charging hadn't quite gone to plan and that, while we could *reach* Yoxford, we wouldn't have enough volts for the return leg. Darn that cold snap. Oh well. Ippo it is.

Eagle eyes ever peeled for unvisited lunchettes this side of town (hello Munchies), we opted for a recce of Ransomes Europark. My bearings had long rolled away before Andy had one of those rare flashes and half-remembered a possible sandwicherie near Orwell Computers, the Mac fixers. Past Makro and into the car park of the Basepoint Business Centre. Over there, he pointed, at number 60, the unpromising facade of Half Moon Foods.

Welcome! said the purple-ish lettering, and they do indeed provide that along with freshly made sarnies, baps and baguettes. Plus a different special on Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri. Burgers today, chaps. Beef or chicken? That'll do for us. Chunky burgers with all the trimmings. Actually, no gherkins, thanks. And a can of San Pellegrino, cheers. Already pleased that we'd found somewhere new and looking forward to eating in the relative heat of the car, I looked up. Flippin' 'eck, seating! Paydirt.

Up the metal steps to what's more or less a viewing platform, as long as you grab the central table, since it provides an unexpectedly fine panorama of the grassland between (to the left) the Shepherd & Dog, now the Miller & Carter Steakhouse, and (to the right) the Orwell Crossing. Not the Serengeti but not the shabbiest of views.

As we chowed down, more folk came up to take the surrounding tables, presumably all from nearby businesses. Big site, Ransomes, easily large enough to support HMF, Kings, etc. Lunchtime rush dissipating, brief descent to secure a percolated coffee (help yourself to milk from the fridge) and a vg fruit scone. Been here a few years, has Half Moon, and they accept card payments too. Nice one.

If it was a car -- Lunar Roving Vehicle.
If they were passing by -- Helen Sharman.