EDitorial ± 30-Mar-2017

Light Lunches: The Shed, Sproughton

It's beautiful Bill Withers weather out there. Signs are bright for this, our first post Article 50 outing. Symbolically, Kev has left us to it today. Only me and Andy remain. Righty-tighty.

Once more over The Bridge and t'ain't no time at all until we're passing the Sproughton Community Shop. Up to The Wild Man and, after parking on the right, it's a left to The Shed, offering your antique, your vintage, your brocante. Flippin' mahoosive, it transpires, a real bunny warren, after we have to ask our way to the bit where you eat. Up the stairs, along, down the stairs, admiring the huge number of olde items up for grabs in every N&C, and here it is.

Quite the menu, they have, with lots of specials inc. a chicken and pasta bake, goat's cheese, et cetera. Bit too much for us today. We'll take a toasted sandwich each, SVP, one with mozzarella and pesto (yum), the other with Brie and bacon (scrum). In a microcosm of modern society, two dandies sit in the courtyard sun sipping Rio and devouring well-presented hot snacks while a worker man hacks away at some overgrown foliage. Quiet today but the nice young lady (NYL) says you can't move on other lunchtimes.

Briefly back to the NYL to choose from the generous selection of cakeage. Caramel & almond slice and a piece of marzipan fruit cake to share with another vg coffee. In a light lunch first, the Lotus biccies on the saucers each have two (count 'em) biscuits per pack. To be alive in 2017! To borrow that V&A slogan, this is an ace caff with a nice shop attached.

If it was a car -- Morris Minor 1000 Convertible.
If they were passing by -- Pavel Douglas.