EDitorial ± 11-May-2017

Ipswich Lunches: Starbucks Drive Through

Morrisey-esque morning courtesy of a punctured bicycle. I would go out to work and all that but that is one depressed wheel. No fun driving on a gorgeous day like this so may as well WFH. Chance to catch up with Jarvis on his Sunday Service, neck far too much Nespressso and rearrange the fruit bowl.

Planned light lunch outing off the menu. Hold up, Andy's got business in The 'Swich later. Am I free for a mid-pm meet? Heck, yes. Why don't we, I tell the Boyton Brigadier, try that new Starbucks? Flippin' yonks since we did that one in town.

Perched prominently on the Pet Shop Boys Promenade (close to The Mermaid) is a brand-new 'Bucks. This is one of those DTs, possibly a sympton of over-caffeination but actually a drive through. Pull in opposite the Volvo garage, swing past Burger King and speak your order into the grill if you can find it. Was a time when me and The Middler considered a trip to Stansted to find an SDT, and now we have one of our own in Ippo. What A Time To Be Alive.

A(ndy) in the Z(oe) beats me to it. I hitch the Raleigh to the post then stroll in. To my left, Andy. To my right, The Boy. Yes, I've walked in at the precise moment of my son's job interview. Did I walk quietly to the bar to order? Nope, I ruffled his hair and wished him good luck. Gone 3pm and sadly a little late for a bacon roll or croque monsieur or tuna panini. Never too late, though, for a venti latte (3-4 shots, please, barista) with a salted caramel cookie. Andy's going for it with a cold brew coffee and a slab of shortcake. We is gonna be buzzin'.

May not be to everyone's taste but I like the way they do these places. Glass galore, stacks o' space and a wide choice of seating from comfortably low to formally mid to windowed high. Chuck in some free WiFi. laptop power points and the fact they're open until 10pm weekdays -- let's pause on that thought -- twenty-two hundred hours Monday to Friday, and that's a proposition.

PS He got the job.

If it was a car -- Chevrolet Trax.
If they were passing by -- Simon Helberg.