EDitorial ± 12-Jan-2018

Light Lunches: Mumma Jones, Martlesham Heath

Trip 1, Before Christmas
Time and transport is tight today amid the tidings of both comfort and joy. Using his bionic eye, however, Andy's spotted a change of ownership at an eatery within easy walking distance. Reasonably sure there's seating though I for one am very much unthrilled at the prospect of eating outside in the middle of December.

Two minutes stroll leads us to Ridgeons, our local timber and builders merchant, in whose yard is plonked Mumma Jones. Lady here fancied a major career change, buying out and severely poshing up what was once Langers Snack Bar. There's a far fancier menu, a Christmas tree and handmade cards. Heck. Orders placed, we seek Maslow-like shelter in the bijou gazebo with its pull-the-cord-three-times heater. Tea is sipped, cherry Tango is supped, and here's our hand-delivered grub:

  • Andy -- burger with blue cheese
  • Kev -- herby omelette in tiger bread
  • Ed -- chilli pot with tiger bread to dip

All homemade, this is some proper chow and super satisfying. Way better than expected and wouldn't be out of place in an upmarket caff. Come here, buy your planks then say thanks for Mumma's food.

Trip 2, After Christmas
Similar situation mid January and only time for a Friday lunchtime walk down the road so where better than Mumma Jones? Only me and Andy this time and lucky to catch her (open Monday to Friday, 8am to 2pm, i.e. same times as the yard) but very glad we did:

  • Andy -- homemade burger with Stilton
  • Ed -- chilli pot with buttered bap

Plenty of other options on the menu but you'd be a fool to stray too far from the homemade section wherein live the soup, burgers and chilli. Word's getting around and people travel from far and wide for one of those Stilton burgers. Go, MJ.

If it was a car -- Corporal Jones' Ford BB Box Van.
If they were passing by -- Gemma Jones.